The one aspect

The one aspect of my job at Durbanville Children’s Home that has always fascinated me, is the depth of a child’s love for their biological parents, even though they are disappointed in their actions and incapacity to act responsibly. I am the mother of 2 boys and now and again […]

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As a Social Worker

As a Social Worker there is nothing that makes me so sad as knowing that when children are placed in a Children’s Home, they are in many cases separated from their brothers and sisters. They must already handle rejection and the trauma of leaving their family, to in addition be […]

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Dearest Liezl

I have wanted to start writing this letter since I first heard that you will be adopted. It’s important for me that you understand how this all happened and why we chose this for you. Now that it is almost time for you to leave South Africa, I realize that […]

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A New Journey has Begun…

We want to thank you for your kind donation. Through your assistance, we are able to create an environment in which vulnerable children can reach their full potential. I am proudly sharing the following story with you. A New Journey has Begun… I see how proudly he stands next to […]

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